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Option to Send to Neat AND Download as PDF

Sometimes you just need to Save to Computer the doc you just scanned AND also Send to Neat (like if you need to email the pdf to someone but also save it to cloud for taxes). 

Having to scan the document twice (one for local save and one to upload) or having to download a copy from the cloud of the file you just uploaded, or saving the pdf locally and then having to log into the cloud to upload is frustrating and a waste of time.  It would be nice to be able to have a third option which is to do both "Send and Save".

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  • Dec 31 2019
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  • Louis Renelli commented
    07 Feb 09:58

    What was wrong with the old system? You opened NEAT, scan your document and it appears on the screen. You fill in the missing data and it saves to the folder you selected. I also had a option to PDF it to my personal computer. All that is gone. Now I am  going in and out of screens, losing locations of document, etc. I have uploaded the same document THREE times and cannot find where it went. It is way too difficult to use. 

    This system is NOT user-friendly.  And I am a 10yr+ user (probably closer to 20) and all my Neat records are in jeopardy because your new system does not recognize the extension you gave older documents. And I have a LOT of documents out there.

    Thank you